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The Basics to Reading Floor Plans

The overall floor plan gives a skyview of each floor level in the house as if the roof has been removed.  I find the best way to understand a plan is to picture you in the space and walking around the rooms.  Every room is labeled so we know where each room is.  We show walls, doors, windows, stairs, cabinets, appliances, decks and we also show furniture layouts in the rooms for a visual scale.

Floor plans also have a North arrow for and a graphic scale at which the floor plan is drawn.

Walls are the primary part of the drawing.  There are exterior and interior walls of different thicknesses, depending on construction, that form the rooms and overall house.

Doors and windows occur where the walls show breaks.  These are important elements to the floor plan.  Doors will be shown perpendicular to the wall with an arc joining it to the wall indicating the swing.

The stairway is a significant element to the floor plans.  They are illustrated as a series of parallel lines showing the rise of each stair as well as an arrow and note indicating the direction of travel.

The fireplace is another element shown in the floor plan.  It usually is a dark rectangle and the firebox area is open to the room.

We typically do not show ceiling heights or slopes for presentation and marketing purposes.
420-Oxley-Street Floorplan